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August 12, 2013

Splash! 8-12-13

Oh, splash!  Your feet in puddle went - and there, without a doubt,
how blissful 'twas, to be a kid, as water splashed about.
Your life was fun and easy then.  You lived a life of ease.
And very far and few between, responsibilities.

And how you've learned your every right as those truths went to seed.
Although you didn't know it then, you grew up under greed.
You've made demands for 'this and that'. You've voted your own way.
and you gave little thought - that one day someone has to pay.

No love can rid the kids of hate.  That anger's deep within -
but don't say 'God' or pray in schools - for that would be a sin.
You hate the Ten Commandments, (you know, don't steal or kill).
It only matters - you're not shot as morals go downhill.

Now it's no fault of criminals.  You'd best just run off quick.
They have the right to stand their ground.  You hear the door locks click.
And when they break into your house, be glad that you're 'gun free'.
Just make a call to 9-1-1.  They'll come, just wait and see...

You terrorize Conservatives from Detroit's ghostly town.
You're getting high on cannabis while Rome is burning down.
You hate it when some seek the truth, exposing every cronie -
but they've convinced you followers that everything is phoney.

The IRS, the NSA - they 'plead the fifth' and lie -
but if you owe a dollar more, they'll make you want to cry.
Benghazi - "What's it matter?"  They said it wasn't true.
There's nothing you should care about - unless it affects you.

They talk you into circles while they throw you into mazes.
You're voting for your pocketbooks.  They're voting for their raises.
You thought your perfect job secure.  You've been there many years -
but as employment dissipates, you'll soon be left in tears.

Do not expect full raises and - to cut your spending, (half).
Get trained to flip a burger now.  Diplomas are a laugh.
Oh sure, you've stepped on other folks - and yes, there is no doubt -
you've trampled each last liberty.  Now freedoms you're without.

You've forfeited and voided each and every Bill of Right.
Your ignorance, embarrassing, but claim your future's bright.
The 'land of opportunity'?  About it, do not think.
Elitists burned the Constitution.  It is now extinct.

You're slaves, but they've convinced you that they work on your behalf.
The poor get poorer, rich get richer - ohhh, but they can laugh!
Who cares that they get richer now?  Just pass another beer!
Celebrate, you liberals - your socialism's here!

You kill a healthy pregnancy - then ask you're treated fair -
and mandate others are insured to pay for your health care.
 They will watch your every move and make sure you don't cheat -
and wait 'til they put limits on the food that you will eat.

You get your way in everything.  You think you know it all.
You voiced your hard opinions loud. Your arrogance stands tall.
And so you worship your own 'god' as you invent your cult.
You've lost your soul and liberties - but it was Bush's fault.

Yes, splash!  Your feet on freedoms go - and now, without a doubt,
you think it's bliss to be naive - but you will thrash about.
You've made their lives so easy now as they live lives of ease -
as they exempt themselves from all... responsibilities.

©2013 louis gander ALL RIGHTS RESERVED


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