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April 13, 2009

Final Walk 4-13-09

Now forty lashes - minus one
The torture, anguish has begun.
Thirty-nine lashes, horrid pain,
I can't endure - but won't complain.

A crown of thorn cuts in so deep,
Energy gone, I've got to sleep.
But on my back, a timber placed -
it weighs a ton, blood/sweat I taste.

I feel the cross beside my face.
I cannot walk a faster pace.
Skin open rips - each time I slip,
so tighter, I must keep my grip.

Each step I take is harder still
when trudging up this cruel hill.
The slivers pierce me as I trod,
both big and small - please help me God.

Please give me strength - for Heaven's sake
for every muscle in me aches.
With that huge cross along my back,
my knees give out. My legs go slack.

Exhausted, I can hardly crawl
and then I drop it as I fall.
My shoulder hurts, the pain intense -
then they all stare in awed suspense.

I can't hold it any more
yet I know next, what is in store.
My lungs hurt so, I've lost my breath -
but give me strength before my death.

At the top, I finally rest -
but now this cross, my final test.
I love you all - am faithful still,
right here on top of Calvary's hill.

Yet all the pain endured thus far
cannot erase the sins that are.
Sacrifice, death - wages of sin -
now demand pain on the cross begin.

©2009 louis gander - ALL RIGHTS RESERVED



  1. This is very moving Louis. To think how much He suffered before He actaully went through the greatest suffering of all. Taking our deserved wrath upon Himself.

    PS. I love the new look at the top of the page.
    Looks very nice. ~ Susan

  2. Just beautiful...Louis...I dont think your dry spell has been to long...Just picking...I can picture this in my mind... Great Job....Take Care


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