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April 28, 2009

The Greatest Of Poems! 4-29-09

If I could write
the greatest of poems
which opened all sinners eyes,
I'd soar in a plane,
drop leaflets like rain
from way up here in the skies!

I'd scream from the hilltops,
yell across plains -
although some might think me insane -
I'd holler right out,
with every loud shout,
for silence I could not contain!

Yes, this very poem
if it, I could write,
I'd sing from each mountain top -
the highest of height,
from morning to night,
until, exhausted, I'd drop.

But what if I couldn't
write such a poem?
And what if my poem should fail?
Well, here's the great sting,
of not even trying -
that Satan, for sure, would prevail.

Now this is the reason
it cannot be done:
I'd be speaking in English to birds...
But they have a choice
with God's still, small voice -
without my vain efforts in words.

Birds can't speak English,
God made them that way.
We're only to go and plant seed.
Then while on the ground
they peck all around
until they find Jesus indeed!

So print this mere poem,
a 'seed' not the greatest
and tell all your friends that it's true.
Please let them all know,
that God loves them so -
then mention that we love them too.

©2009 louis gander - ALL RIGHTS RESERVED



  1. Awwwww Louis.. As always... Just beautiful and i will tell my freinds...God bless you

  2. I love birds, What a way to express God's love than through a precious little feathered friend... The Lord has really gifted you with words. God bless you Louis.. God bless you and keep the poem blessings going...

    Ps Thank you for dropping by tonight :)
    Rev Deb

  3. Beautiful Job Louis, It's a WINNER! To me it's one of your Top poems. Have a wonderful day Louis ~ Susan

  4. Dear Louis:
    What a precious, precious gift of joy here. It is so well loved to read these simply wonderful tender and strong versed lines; your beautiful poem is a new beginning journey of life where one can see and feel God speaking to their heart as they read and listen to what is being written. You had and still have me smiling here as I read exactly what you want to present to the world.


    Sonja L Watkins


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