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April 27, 2009

Angel Wings 4-27-09

(for my cousin, Louise, who was always smiling, 1955-2009)

When life seems empty, it's no fun.
When everything's hopeless, what can be done?
When all life's work goes down the drain...
when I look back, it's all insane.

What if I knew that few people care,
and where are the answers from government there?
What can I do when I've lost earthly hope?
Oh, what can I do at the end of my rope?

Let go, let God,
with wink and nod.
For it's worthwhile.
to smile awhile.

With faith I just
rely on trust.
I feel so free.
Don't cry for me.

From all earths harms,
I'll drop in arms,
against His chest -
for I'm His guest.

In graveyard no,
don't look below,
but up should look,
for me He took.

When life looks bleak,
give God a peek,
You'll find Him too
with life anew.

Trust has no strings,
an angel sings,
when Jesus brings
us angel wings...

©2009 louis gander - ALL RIGHTS RESERVED



  1. I really love this poem Louis, It's absolutely beautiful and touching.

    I noticed your little changes at the top of the page. I hope you have a wonderful day. ~Susan

  2. Hi there,

    Everybody is ignorant, only on different - subjects.


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