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March 24, 2009

My Tree Still Stands 3-24-09

The whipping winds, the freezing rain,
it did not understand the strain -
and did not understand the stress
of wicked, wintry cold's excess.

Until the springtime snow was melting,
it kept taking earthly pelting.
It held firm throughout the frost
and persevered despite the cost.

The freezing rain was in the air -
yet life grew out of everywhere.
Now how can freezing offer good
while this tree stands misunderstood?
Does it strengthen, does it now?
Does it make me wonder how?
Does it test me, does it try,
and does it hurt me - make me cry?
Do trees know that life's not fair?
and do they know if God is there?
Liberty and freedom's great -
but it's not easy fighting hate.
Yet sunshine sees (through its appearance),
vast rewards from perseverance -
springtime buds its cheers of joy
and proves this world cannot destroy.

For God alone holds season's times -
protects our souls from earthly crimes.
And though the world claims its demands -
in springtime warmth, my tree still stands.

©2009 louis gander - ALL RIGHTS RESERVED



  1. God gives us grace to endure hardship and trials.
    In Him we stand victorious inspite of them all. After all the harsh weather, new growth and strenghth is restored. Thank-you Louis, for this wonderful poem! ~ a friend

  2. A very inspiring poem, Louis Gander. Thanks so much for sharing with the world. Will be reading more of your poetry.
    Sharon Slaton Howell


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