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March 25, 2009

Halleluja! 3-25-09


You knew all my excuses.
You knew my weaknesses.
You knew all my feeble cries.
You knew my many, many lies.

You know what our duties are.
You knew me there, from afar.
You knew my every failure.
You knew my every cure.

You knew all my futile years.
You knew my tired painful ears.
You knew my heavy heartache.
You knew I was just another fake.

You knew my best, my dearest friend.
You knew the end, the very end.
You knew my feeble, sorry prayer.
You knew that deathly, stale air.

You knew my wall, between us built.
You knew inside my head, the guilt.
You knew all my greatest fears.
Only You could wipe away the tears -

Tears that flowed for several weeks.
Tears that flowed down guilty cheeks.
Tears that stopped when I ran out -
but one day - finally saw the drought.

A drought that came when God imparted.
A drought that saw me soften hearted.
A drought that halted sacrifice slaughter -
as You gave freely - living water!

Living water so graciously given.
Living water - for me, forgiven.
Living water - for faithful few -
as living water flows on through -

to tears of joy (no sin within).
Tears of happiness flow again.
Tears I can fully, well afford.
Halleluja! Praise the Lord!!

©2009 louis gander - ALL RIGHTS RESERVED


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  1. Dear Lois:

    What a beautiful poem that says, there is nothing that God does not know about us. There is nothing that we can hide from our Father. He sees our strengths and our weaknesses. He is our living Father, our life filled with His lovely presence when we are joined with Him, and obey everything He tells us to do. Sometimes we may not want to do certain things, and certain things we sometimes forget it is He who is speaking to us. Thank you Loise for sharing your most precious poem to praise God, our loving Savior and Father. In God's love, your friend, Sonja L Watkins


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