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March 24, 2009

Dead Broke 3-24-09

I bought a house I so adored -
my friends all cheered in great accord.
I borrowed funds on every board
and now my payments, can't afford.

Though every call from bank ignored
I want my credit all restored -
so I can keep my great reward -
so I can buy and not be bored.

High water, I can sometimes ford
and if I could, I'd get on board,
but soon I'll break this final chord -
so loan me patience quickly Lord!

©2009 louis gander - ALL RIGHTS RESERVED


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  1. Louis, Good picture of what's going on in our country, right now. People have no self control on their spending, starting all the way at the top. Wanting more, wanting bigger- and not having the money to pay for it. Yet, they don't want to pay the consequences of indulgence. Keep up the good work Louis. Miss having you around. ~ a friend


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