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March 9, 2009

What Is Art? 3-9-09

"What is art?” if to me, you would ask,
I'd say its a laborious, challenging task.
God creates life that we can't comprehend -
then puts it in nature, beginning to end...
We suffer the challenge to come even near
the beautiful landscapes we hold ever dear.
The brilliant full sunsets that take breath away
only proves that our artwork is futile and gray.
Though it is improved and forever is honed,
creation is simply just mimicked and cloned.
With all of the paintings and all of the words,
none can replace nature’s flowers or birds.
I search, and within me, I find that great art -
comes from creation through a humble heart.
So never take credit, profits or fame -
for next to creation, our work is a shame.

©2009 louis gander ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

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  1. Louis... that's one lovely poem there
    Beautifully written... Good Job
    And very true...Patty... God Bless


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