Louis Gander is a story teller in poetry form. Many poems are true and many are not. He thanks all those who have spread the word of his free poetry. His prayer is that through his poetry, this world can become a safer, respectful, loving, forgiving, more peaceful place.

March 16, 2009

The Web 3-16-09

It looked so fragile - I laughed.
Thin strands I could hardly see.
I figured it was harmless
and knew it couldn't hold me.

I tested it, toyed with it, and knew
I was much stronger than it.
So I played for little while
and formed a harmless habit.

There in comfort, I wrapped myself.
I failed to hear the alarm.
It enveloped - and fragile it was,
I knew it could do no harm.

At times I tried to free myself,
my soul was awful scarred.
I'd soon give up each time I tried -
My heart becoming hard.

A great deceptive spider came
and bound me up so tight,
devoured me in laughter
and I had lost the fight.

Learn from this fatal lesson,
and don't play games with sin.
We cannot do it on our own -
for Christ must live within.

©2009 louis gander ALL RIGHTS RESERVED



  1. I taught a lesson on being trapped in sin, around Halloween. This poem can be used well in teaching junior or teen aged children as well as adults. Thank-you so much for writing it. ~ a friend

  2. I'm praying for you Louis.


Thank you in advance for your comments.