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March 13, 2009

Good-bye... 3-13-09


It's easy to say to problems,
it's easy to say to a storm,
it's easy to say to the blizzard,
it's easy to live with the norm,

but hard to say to a neighbor,
and hard to say to a friend.
It's hard to say to our family,
and so hard to comprehend.

To all His friends that He saw that day,
and to His disciples, Jesus tried to say,
"Good bye, my friends, I'm about to die",
but they understood not. They didn't know why.

Would we have been grasping or awed with blank stare
if, in His midst, we were standing there?
Could we comprehend what the cross would weigh?
Would we understand - the stone rolled away?

Yet God had a purpose and part of His plan
was that Jesus leave - as He had began -
in Bethlehem humbly, without huge crowds,
then later ascending, above the clouds.

Faith knows we'll see Him in Heaven again,
so our prayers all end with a sincere "Amen".
There in His arms we'll have ample supply -
and never again hear the word "good-bye".

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  1. Louis another good poem.Then again why wouldn't be. You wrote it..Right .. Well God and you
    Thanks for stopping by... do miss you when you dont... Patty

  2. Saying good-bye is so very hard, especially when you've grown attached to that person. I cried when I read this. I don't like saying good-bye, but their is joy in knowing Christians never really say good-bye. This poems very good! I like it. ~ a friend


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