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March 27, 2009

If God We Trust 3-27-09

On a hill, on top of a tree,
a leaf so high went sailing free.
A hot air blast it had acquired,
and pushed it up, as it desired.

It flipped and turned on humid air
and tossed about without a care.
Higher, higher than ever before,
it loved the power, wanted more.

Reminding us, lest we forget,
the winds were not done with it yet.
That leaf blew high above our lawn.
Passed on over where it was drawn.

It blew across our grassy field -
down to a fence that wouldn't yield.
The wind prevailed - to free, it tried,
but there it stuck until it died.

The tree's still there, the roots confirm,
that it is strong and standing firm.
The hot air blew and now we know
that leaf was used by Satan's blow.

It flipped and turned up in the breeze,
and filled itself with selfish ease.
Hot air blows deception's air
but don't forget, we put him there.

So when we vote, let's choose the leaf
who's tested pure and not a thief.
For our tree stands and always will -
if God we trust and honor still.

©2009 louis gander - ALL RIGHTS RESERVED



  1. Dear Louis:

    It makes me sad to know there are going to many more leaves getting stuck and die from that hot air. All of us leaves are vulnerable without God. No, the wind is not over yet, and I pray other leaves when they die will not get trapped and stuck under that evil winds power and live on eternally with our sweet Lord in heaven.

  2. Louis, Our country will continue to stand as long as we put God first. People in leadership alot of times just flip flop around where ever the winds takes them. Eventaully they will be gone and our country will still be here. We just need to take care to vote the right person in. This one has no fear of God. Good poem..makes you think. I'm praying for you. ~ a friend


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