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February 20, 2009

Prayer Poem (of love) 2-20-09

I pray this soiled poem that's
so tattered, torn and curled,
finds its way to every eye
around this wicked world.
Pen and ink have spilled my love
upon this paper's face.
I've poured out every ounce of love,
then added Father's grace.

I walked this soiled paper out -
right to my mail box.
and know that it was carried far,
for several, several blocks.
It found its way on semi's,
on trains, on airplanes too -
then criss-crossed 'round this big ol' world,
to make its way to you.

I pray that my concern for you
disperses not in vapor.
My prayer behind these lonely words
cries out within this paper.
I've been in your shoes many times
and no, I've not been perfect,
but here it is, this poem's yours
with utmost, dear respect.

This poem's traveled many miles
and now it so appears,
it is for you, for you to read,
here after all these years...
Take now, a bold and humble step
to find out something new.
Around the world this poem came -
and now it's here for you.


"Oh Father, see this poem that
I'm holding in my hands?
It's been to several countries and
its seen so many lands.
But now it's here, I'm holding it.
It really is for me -
and I am so discouraged that
I ask to be set free.

"Just like this letter, traversed I,
so many, many miles.
Yes, I've been lost for many years.
Sin stole so many smiles.
My heart was cold just like the tree
that stands collecting moss.
Until this poem had searched me out,
I could not see Your cross.

"Now Father, You have changed me
from black to perfect white -
and I have put your armor on.
I'll be your special knight.
This shield of faith protects me and
my sword, I'll always read.
And in it, I'll find answers to
my every, every need.

"Now thank you for my special friend
who cared enough to give -
this love-filled poem to me so -
so now, I too, can live.
I'm sending this small poem on
so other friends can see.
But now I know why it's so soiled -
I've added tears from me."

©2009 louis gander ALL RIGHTS RESERVED


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