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February 10, 2009

A Deaf Man 2-10-09

When I was just a little boy,
playing with my favorite toy,
so bored with all the waiting rooms,
grownups in their white costumes,

my parents sitting in their chairs,
me on the floor, I had no cares.
I heard some grunts and turned around,
and saw a deaf man making sound.

Our eyes had met. I was bemused.
He seemed quite different - me confused.
Why I stared, my thinking slow -
his funny hat? I do not know.

As he walked closer (me afraid),
I then ignored him as I played.
And so afraid of the unknown,
I held my space to be alone.

Then as I felt a sudden tap -
fear dropped that toy right in my lap.
I was stunned from head to toes,
and every muscle in me froze.

Something happened after that,
as he knelt down and there we sat.
We played and talked a little while -
he seemed so very versatile.

If I was deaf, I would be sad,
but he seemed happy, not so bad.
He had no fear. He shed no tear.
In fact, he grinned from ear to ear.

To talk to him (if I would choose)
he showed me language I could use.
Sign language later, I was told.
It was special, it was gold.

Also special - somewhat odd,
is the language heard from God.
After all, who'd know the cost -
without two wooden timbers crossed?

Love and grace are not mere words.
Our faith was not meant "for the birds".
It took a man who couldn't hear
to help me see this very clear.

Him I miss - his funny hat.
I never saw him after that.
Precious memories from the Lord,
remembering well, that cancer ward.


Sounds from nature, sounds from man,
sounds from God - He knows we can.
Sounds of thunder, sounds of loss,
sounds from Jesus on the cross....

If we can hear without our ears,
God will conquer all our fears.
Listen close, it is a plus.
God hates sin - but hates, not us.

If we have heard and understood,
we know the cross was more than wood.
When all is said and all is done,
we too, can hear God's only Son.

Just listen....

©2009 louis gander ALL RIGHTS RESERVED


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