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February 18, 2009

Picture Frames 2-18-09

Picture frames sure vary so,
no matter, big or small.
They all have work they need to do,
no matter, wide or tall.

Picture frames are so unique,
maple, oak or pine.
But focus not on picture frames,
They're merely for design.

Frames can border a photo.
Frames can border a place.
Frames can border a work of art
or border someone's face.
When I was just a little boy,
(and though I was quite small),
a picture I remember well
was hanging on the hall.

I know my father put it there.
It hung for many years.
There it was throughout my teens -
showed sorrow, pain and tears.

That picture was of Jesus
bowed lowly on His knees -
at a huge and solid rock,
near branches on some trees.

His hands were neatly folded.
Love flowed from both His eyes.
His head was tilted way, way back -
His face gazed at the skies.

Dark clouds had covered most the sky.
Moon's rays had lit His face,
and seemed to put a glow around
this humble Man of grace.

For years, that picture on our wall
drew thoughts within my mind...
God sent on down, His only Son,
to sinful men, unkind.

I remember well, that picture.
I don't recall the frame.
So let us frame, that others see,
that they might know His name.

©2009 louis gander ALL RIGHTS RESERVED


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