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February 2, 2009

Mustard Seed Christian 2-2-09

For God so loved the world, why?
-merely so His Son could die?
What did the serpent represent?
And why to earth was Jesus sent?
Heads [for years] theologians spun,
convincing Christians they had won,
so easy thoughts we now regard -
where grace is free - and faith, not hard.

Dividing Christians from the rest,
should God give us a 'free-will' test?
For faith is what God's looking for,
as saving grace He has out-poured.
Does He choose the ones to bury,
and the faith that others carry -
or does He choose the faithful son,
whose life is still a fruitful one?

For son, daughter, mother, father -
an everlasting spring of water.
While no one falls away from grace,
faith is something some replace.
Though none are taken from His hand,
we cannot build on sinking sand.
We want our drive-ups and fast food -
salvation likewise, we include.

Many will hear (as they forgot);
"Depart from me, I knew you not."
And that's why many will be lost...
they [know not love] at any cost.
Though "ye, of little faith" we hear,
many shun it year to year.
If, to the world, we embrace -
there is no faith and is no grace.

Love and service is in our hands,
if we hold faith, heed His commands.
Love is service, faith grows fruit.
A mustard seed must grow its root.
A mustard seed has water needs -
but water needs no mustard seeds.
If grace is water, faith can root,
so follow Christ and produce fruit.

©2009 louis gander ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

Just how serious are Christians today?
Be a Mustard Seed Christian.

Gen. 3:6
John 3:16
Matt. 7:23
Matt. 7:26 

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