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February 13, 2009

Anchored Soul 2-13-09

If the sea is the world - the ship your soul,
where are you at - and what's your goal?
When storms surge up and darken the skies,
do you know where you're at? Is there fear in your eyes?

Do your troubles seem endless and so overwhelm?
Tell me, "Are you standing alone at the helm?"
Where's the foundation when you're on a ship?
Do you hold to life with a white-knuckled grip?

When the world seems dark, dangerous, cold,
in the storms of life, will your anchor hold?
When shivering rain - sends you into shock,
is your faith secure? Is it in the Rock?

When the cold waves slap at your straining hull,
are you dazed, confused - in your empty skull?
Though the sharp winds slice as a piercing knife,
is your anchor firm from the storms of life?

Do you stay near the shore where it's not so deep?
Are trials so great, you cannot sleep?
When the waves surge over your fragile deck,
I think, overdue - your reality check.

Don't hide down below afraid of the facts.
With Jesus beside you - always relax.
Be bold and set sail! Your life is in hands,
that calms the waters - as He commands....

©2009 louis gander ALL RIGHTS RESERVED


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