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February 21, 2008

Will I See You? 2-21-08

Will I see you in Heaven?
Will I see you up there?
I love you my son.
Do you really not care?

It's hard, often times,
to find something to say,
And difficult too -
for my love to convey.

You are often busy.
You're working too hard,
Running on errands
and cleaning your yard.

Have you no more time
to come by and see me?
If we could change places
just how would that be?

Yes, what if the tables
were turned just a bit,
And you were in my shoes -
would you then admit,

That all of the efforts
I made to see you,
Were ever so feeble
and long overdue.

Oh, I am not perfect.
Not one little bit.
And I am not lonely -
as I sit and knit.

I pray and thank Him
for all He has given.
While you are unhappy,
I am forgiven.

But if you were here,
I would tell you right now,
"Repent of your troubles -
And I'd show you how."

I'd tell you 'bout Jesus -
resurrection and such,
And then too, you'd feel
the great Master's touch.

I love you my son
so please don't stay away.
Come right on over -
and do not delay.

Will I see you in Heaven?
Will I see you up there?
I love you my son.
I will keep you in prayer.

©2008 louis gander ALL RIGHTS RESERVED


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