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October 13, 2015

Great Democratic Debate, The 10-13-15

With crowd, ecstatic, you might think
that truth might finally win.
But no, deceptions lingered on
in shallow, selfish din.

The candidates deceive us all.
Pet projects, each discusses.
They came to this, the 'Great Debate'
in jets and campaign buses.

The smiles they wore were painted on.
So sly, those hungry foxes.
And all of them were standing tall
on top of their soapboxes.
The 'stomach' growled greedily,
"Hey, I'll do much more taxing.
I'll gouge the ones who go to work
so you can be relaxing."

The 'hand' said, "I will snatch the purse
of ev'ry working man.
I'll give you fruits of their hard work.
Now do you understand?"

The 'tongue' spoke up quite sharply then,
"You've heard me, one and all!
Benghazi, no, is not my fault -
because I don't recall...
I fell down and hit my head
before that legal hearings.
I would've shown up if I hadn't
lost my fav'rite earings.
I'll tell that hearing anything -
and lie, for goodness sake -
Who cares about ambassadors?
What difference does it make?
We need a woman president!
We need a leader NOW!
We need to have a first "first man"
I need you to allow...
me to be a president.  Because I've always wanted
to be since smoking pot in college with Bill..
And I don't care if this rhymes or not

(The moderator covered this
with manufactured cough.
And when the viewers had enough
they turned their TVs off.)

We do not need a woman.
transvestite, or a man.
We do not need a socialist
but someone true who can.
We don't need someone 'statesman-like'
but rather someone real.
If not, we'll some day be blown up
by bad atomic deal.

Now even if we save the whales
and stop all soil erosion -
global warming we will get
with nuclear explosion.
Yes, 'presidential' they may look
and 'presidential' sound -
but what they do is critical
for answers to be found.

The Constitution has them all -
so maybe we should look.
Love country this time.  Let us not
elect another crook.
The last one you had voted in,
in EV'RY aspect failed -
then violated sev'ral laws!
So why is he not jailed?

Now here's another "great" debate.
With empty words, each shares...
What diff'rence does it really make?
It tells me this:  Who cares?

©2015 louis gander - ALL RIGHTS RESERVED


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