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April 2, 2015

Wish the Fish 09 (integrity) 4-2-15

ONCE upon a splashing time
a little fish wished he could rhyme.
But 'Wish the Fish' lived in the sea
and brought so much calamity.
To show respect, they all stood up.
Wish wished this day would pass.
It couldn't be!  But yes, it was!
The judge was Big Mouth Bass!

The prosecutor raised his voice,
"His reputation's filthy!
He brags, he cheats, he steals, he lies.
He's guilty, guilty, guilty!

"I'll prove beyond a shadow's doubt -
That Wish is a disgrace!
His actions have dishonored us!
I know we'll win this case."

Well, Wish the Fish was quite perplexed
at all the accusations.
He didn't want to be in court
guarding reputation.

These 'trumped up' charges couldn't be.
His character was strong!
Profusely, Wish was sweating now -
with bubbles large and long.

But something odd occurred just then.
As far as eye could see,
a line so long it wrapped the town -
parading endlessly.

And one by one they took the stand -
(character witnesses).
They told the judge just who Wish was
in lauding sentences.

They said that Wish was honest and
he never misbehaved.
They said he had integrity
and to the poor, he gave.

He turned red with embarrassment
at their kind words he heard.
And never had a court seen this.
It really was absurd.

They gave such praise at who he was
it seemed so very weird.
For such a long time this went on
that Wish had grown a beard.

Judge Big Mouth Bass thought very hard.
He fought himself inside.
Would Wish the Fish be guilty now?
Which way would he decide?

Judge Bass made his decision then.
It went something like this:
"I don't like Wish - but know him well.
All charges I dismiss."
The moral of this poem's great,
if this whole world would love, not hate,

©2015 louis gander - ALL RIGHTS RESERVED


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