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July 2, 2007

Be Like Him 7-2-07

THIS dungeon's filled with bones
that roll and crush beneath my feet -
I'm shoved one way and then another,
with no place to retreat.

Shackles bind my hands and feet
so tightly to my skin,
Abrasions, cuts and bruises send
the sharpest pain down in.

I was chained to selfish lusts -
my greed, my wants, my toys,
With ever constant groaning heard
from sins persistent noise.

With dying souls everywhere -
I find no firm foundation,
And stumbling over lies, deceit -
I fell into temptation.

I try to find some elbow space -
in anger push and shove,
Among the evil sinners here
who hold no thread of love.

Our pride surpasses everyone
and starts another fight,
To seize another's elbow space
in this dark world of blight.

Sin implants deception -
then all darkness covers me.
It's cold and damp with stench so ripe
my burning eyes can't see.

It burns my skin and nostrils.
I can no longer cope -
But I am froze in time right here
without one shred of hope.

My ears hear death throughout the day.
There's not one ray of light.
The piercing screams continue on
throughout the endless night.

The serpents’ small deception came.
For a moment I agreed,
Now locked in sinful pestilence
through all eternity.

YET love is like the rolling sea -
beyond all, you can't see -
Pouring waves of constant love -
that roll in endlessly.


Love is like the bluest sky
God made in perfect hue -
Sunlight exposing beauty too -
and sunsets all for you.

God is love - Heaven's footing.
So picture if you will,
Waves of blessings rolling in.
Eternity's to fill.

God will freely give to you -
His bountiful supplies,
Because of God's most precious grace –
just find His loving eyes.

Away from all the guilt and hate -
away from gun and knife,
Heaven's purpose - vast, complete,
can give to you new life.

God's blessed you , oh, so very much.
I bet it's quite a chore -
Receiving keys to Heaven's gates
without you bringing more...

Our neighbors never went with us
to Church or Sunday School.
Hiding all God's grace from them
is selfish and is cruel.

People all around you are
so blind, they cannot see -
They're chained to Satan's sinfulness
like dirty, filthy me.

When will someone go without
and get up off their pew,
And go in love's humility?
The time is overdue.

You have a chance to save a soul.
I ask you – don’t delay,
So what can you accomplish now?
What is your job today?

Many have already died –
vast others just like me,
Who can't escape the sinful chains.
We cannot get that key.

How can they call on the One -
in whom they've not believed?
How can they believe in One
whose word they've not received?

How can they hear without your work,
preaching that event?
And how can you preach to them
unless you have been sent?

Can you hear our voices still?
Pains echo from the hills.
Rescue them from Satan's lies -
vast numbers he still kills.

They’re still chained in darkness now.
In sin, they have no clue.
They’re waiting there for you to come.
God's love is up to you.

This world is very troubled.
This world is very grim.
Jesus Christ taught others.
Shouldn't Christians be like Him?

©2007 louis gander ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

Romans 10:14) How, then, can they call on the one they have not believed in? And how can they believe in the one of whom they have not heard? And how can they hear without someone preaching to them? 15) And how can they preach unless they are sent? As it is written, "How beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news!"


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  1. Louis, beautiful art here. I could actually see the troubled souls. This is a GREAT POEM! Hope your day goes well today. I'm cheering for you. ~ a friend


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