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July 2, 2007

Be Like Him 7-2-07

THIS dungeon's filled with bones
that roll and crush beneath my feet -
I'm shoved one way and then another,
with no place to retreat.

Shackles bind my hands and feet
so tightly to my skin,
Abrasions, cuts and bruises send
the sharpest pain down in.

I was chained to selfish lusts -
my greed, my wants, my toys,
With ever constant groaning heard
from sins persistent noise.

With dying souls everywhere -
I find no firm foundation,
And stumbling over lies, deceit -
I fell into temptation.

I try to find some elbow space -
in anger push and shove,
Among the evil sinners here
who hold no thread of love.

Our pride surpasses everyone
and starts another fight,
To seize another's elbow space
in this dark world of blight.

Sin implants deception -
then all darkness covers me.
It's cold and damp with stench so ripe
my burning eyes can't see.

It burns my skin and nostrils.
I can no longer cope -
But I am froze in time right here
without one shred of hope.

My ears hear death throughout the day.
There's not one ray of light.
The piercing screams continue on
throughout the endless night.

The serpents’ small deception came.
For a moment I agreed,
Now locked in sinful pestilence
through all eternity.

YET love is like the rolling sea -
beyond all, you can't see -
Pouring waves of constant love -
that roll in endlessly.


Love is like the bluest sky
God made in perfect hue -
Sunlight exposing beauty too -
and sunsets all for you.

God is love - Heaven's footing.
So picture if you will,
Waves of blessings rolling in.
Eternity's to fill.

God will freely give to you -
His bountiful supplies,
Because of God's most precious grace –
just find His loving eyes.

Away from all the guilt and hate -
away from gun and knife,
Heaven's purpose - vast, complete,
can give to you new life.

God's blessed you , oh, so very much.
I bet it's quite a chore -
Receiving keys to Heaven's gates
without you bringing more...

Our neighbors never went with us
to Church or Sunday School.
Hiding all God's grace from them
is selfish and is cruel.

People all around you are
so blind, they cannot see -
They're chained to Satan's sinfulness
like dirty, filthy me.

When will someone go without
and get up off their pew,
And go in love's humility?
The time is overdue.

You have a chance to save a soul.
I ask you – don’t delay,
So what can you accomplish now?
What is your job today?

Many have already died –
vast others just like me,
Who can't escape the sinful chains.
We cannot get that key.

How can they call on the One -
in whom they've not believed?
How can they believe in One
whose word they've not received?

How can they hear without your work,
preaching that event?
And how can you preach to them
unless you have been sent?

Can you hear our voices still?
Pains echo from the hills.
Rescue them from Satan's lies -
vast numbers he still kills.

They’re still chained in darkness now.
In sin, they have no clue.
They’re waiting there for you to come.
God's love is up to you.

This world is very troubled.
This world is very grim.
Jesus Christ taught others.
Shouldn't Christians be like Him?

©2007 louis gander ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

Romans 10:14) How, then, can they call on the one they have not believed in? And how can they believe in the one of whom they have not heard? And how can they hear without someone preaching to them? 15) And how can they preach unless they are sent? As it is written, "How beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news!"


June 29, 2007

Wake Up Time 6-29-07

Wake up time must come so open up. Your mind is closed.
And take some time to ponder this - that truth might be exposed.
There's more to life than selfishness and satisfying greed.
It's all about the real love and the world's real need.
We are no longer serious. This nation is no more -
unless we understand the hate that takes us off to war.
The truth of our foundation crumbles into great disguise,
entrapping us beneath its weight from small, deceptive lies.

Time is so deceptive when we're young and somewhat foolish.
We want the world to wait on us - fulfilling every wish.
There are more important things than to look upon our self -
so take a moment, read these poems and set those on the shelf.
This world seems to think that making light of God is funny -
parties, joking, swearing, and making lots of money.
The silver Christ collected wasn't used to comfort Him,
but rather used for others when their lives were looking grim.

He healed many people on His journeys through the land,
once with just some dust inside His loving, healing hand.
He calmed the storms, stilled the waves when even ships would toss,
but He never hurt a single soul - even dying on the cross.
Is that not amazing? After all we did to Him?
That he would never harm us now despite our lives of sin?
Why are ten commandments hidden from our very school,
and distancing ourselves from them is seen as somewhat cool?

What is wrong with 'Do not worship any other gods but Me'?
Satanic hate brings guns to school so innocent must flee.
God is love. He is not hate. Is Jesus not the proof?
Protect our children from the hate. Don't let lies run aloof.
What is wrong with 'honoring' and 'rejecting false objects'?
What is wrong with 'do not steal' and 'respect the other sex'?
What is wrong with 'do not murder' and 'do not lie or steal'?
Are these things so terribly wrong? Will this nation ever heal?

So why do we still hate God so and what's our real need?
And why are we the same today - with anger, hate and greed?
Showing off to other people is embarrassing at best.
Popularity or friendships aren't from beating on our chest.
What happened to Victorian times with people dressing proper,
instead of showing everything with skin that's tanned like copper?
The outside doesn't matter - all the jewelry and the fluff,
our hair, our face, the clothes we wear and other fancy stuff.

Freedom from religion puts man under lock and key -
enslaving us to dungeons' chains in deaths dark misery.
Freedom of religion brings true love and makes us free,
it's then the world will find true peace and freedoms victory.
Hollywood discriminates on status, name and skin,
but really what should matter most is what's down deep within.
We cannot focus on ourselves - but Jesus' perfect love,
and bring back peace to conquer war through strength from up above

©2007 louis gander ALL RIGHTS RESERVED


June 28, 2007

Strength Through Love 6-28-07

There is no love in sin.
There is no sin in love.
Sin is like a vulture, but.
love, like the snow-white dove.

If anyone thinks that they can hide a little sin inside,
They hate our God in Heaven and mock our Lord who died.
Don't look at me to judge my God for only God's correct.
Just look inside and search yourself for something to perfect.

Sin's author is deceptive.
Sin is anger, death and hate.
But do not hate the person -
just save him from its bait.

Love forgives, forgives, forgives,
It's patient and it's kind.
Love loves the person,
But hates what kills mankind.

There's no love in vultures.
They aren't in Heaven above.
We must be totally humbled,
to gain God's strength, through love.

©2007 louis gander ALL RIGHTS RESERVED


June 26, 2007

Arms Still Open Wide 6-26-07

In this world of greed and hate, where sin and love collide;
God reveals man's pestilence with arms still open wide.

Little children, come to Him. In Him you can abide;
He calls to you, He loves you - with arms still open wide.

Men and women, come to Him. Put all your work aside;
He calls to you and comforts - with arms still open wide.

Since our birth we've all denied - so come to His dear side;
God is love, He will provide - with arms still open wide.

Listen, sinner, hear His voice, "Forgive them," Jesus cried;
For on that cross He held your nails - with arms still open wide.

©2007 louis gander - ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

An Old, Odd Nail 6-26-07

A nail holds most anything, above foundation's stone.
The hammer hits the flattest end and drives the sharp end home.

If the nail isn't hard, it's purpose is unsure,
When on it's head it's hammered and bends beneath pressure.

Why must one end be so sharp, but the other very flat?
Must it be firm so it won't bend? Just think about all that.

The world is like the hammer, which drives the nail in -
through hands of a Carpenter who took our every sin.

A nail isn't any good, unless it's always buried;
in the hands of Christ Himself with blessings wide and varied.

Live like this old, odd nail - that doesn't break or bend,
under pressures of each day – in Jesus to the end.

©2007 louis gander - ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

Psalm 108:1 [ A Song, a Psalm of David.]
My heart is steadfast, O God; I will sing, I will sing praises, even with my soul.


June 19, 2007

Focus 6-19-07

God is love – please do understand.
God created and gave us His plan.
Adam and Eve received their supply,
but warned with one, if eaten, would die.
The serpent said, Now Eve, it's cool, -
so then they broke God’s only rule.
Found they were naked, felt guilty and odd,
put on coverings and hid from their God.

He threw them out to till their own soil,
and sin continues man's futile toil.
For sin holds no love. It's totally void,
of God's great creation so life is destroyed!
Sin has killed scores - millions and millions,
sent them to graves - soldiers, civilians,
Since the beginning, from man's lustful eye,
demanding a larger, big slice of the pie.

But in Heaven - there's no speck of sin,
and only God knows us all within.
God stands at our door and knocks.
But do we hide behind our locks?
God is love and sin is hate.
They can't be woven or conjugate.
We live on Earth, a precarious place,
Right in-between both Hell and Grace.

We know that "I" is the center of 'pride
and after we stumble, the center of 'tried'.
We climb on each other to get to the top,
and focused on self, we cannot stop.
'I' was born between 'S' and 'N',
right in the middle of the big word, 'sin'.
Only grace can pull out this 'I',
and slip it in 'faith' in loving reply.

Like Paul, I was lost and totally blind,
until I realized that God was so kind.
When I am focused on Him and not me,
it's then that His love sets me totally free....
I pray that you all can now understand,
why sin and wars encompass this land.
And why we covet, envy, and lust,
and why we all need God's love in us....

©2007 louis gander - ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

June 12, 2007

Reflection 6-12-07

Feeling sad and lonely?
Do wrinkles own your face?
Does guilt still stalk your sinful past -
temptations big disgrace?
Focus on our Father as
He puts us in this place.
He knows what He is doing.
So faithful, His embrace.

Lets walk along together -
just imagine you and I,
strolling past His quiet stream -
below His rich, blue sky...
His grasses and flowers seem
to bow as we go by.
Along His stream
His huge trees stand -
leaves curtsy way up high.

God never changes. God never fails
in Heaven or here below.
All nature exposes God above,
today as long ago.
He opens all His beauty, since
the beginning, so we know -
and looking back down to His stream,
we’ll see His waters flow.

It trickles over rocks and stones
down to an open pass,
to a pond so still and tranquil -
that no man could surpass.
As a mirror proves all truth -
His sky, His trees, His grass -
there it all rests quietly,
this pond as smooth as glass.

Carefully lean over and
smile without a fuss.
Take a look at God's creation -
there's nothing to discuss....
Peer upon the water,
don't trust the two of us.
If our faith and love is strong,
our smile reflects Jesus.

©2007 louis gander ALL RIGHTS RESERVED


June 5, 2007

An Obvious Need 6-5-07

“Dear Lord and Savior, hear my plea.
I've one request - wait, two or three....
This time though, I'm in a fix,
so maybe there'll be five or six....

Please answer quickly, hear me now
and I'll pray daily - that's my vow.
Unlike before, please don't postpone,
for really Lord, You should have known.

I've sacrificed so much for You,
for years been nagged by 'you know who'....
The children too, yell at the spouse -
we really need a larger house....

My boat is bleached from Your hot sun
so I really need a brand new one.
My wardrobes full - but can't wear those,
for Heaven knows I need new clothes.

You know I just went out to eat,
‘all I could eat' - wow, what a treat -
topped it off with cream and cake -
so take away my stomach ache.

I've tried so hard to lose some weight,
from all this fat that You create....
I feel so tired and weak somehow,
so give me strength - I need it now.

Oh, thank You for my new guitar,
my brand new camper, one more car,
but vacation's what I really need -
roller coasters, lots of speed.

You are so great. I know You care,
so answer now, my simple prayer.
These aren't mere words, these are my needs
and if You grant, I've more good deeds....

There's so much more I'd ask of You,
with credit cards long overdue....
But you, dear Lord, must surely know,
the fish are biting.  I must go.

I only ask for what I need.
These are not 'wants' so please proceed.
Stay close to me.  I'll call again.
Please grant me what I need, Amen.”

©2007 louis gander - ALL RIGHTS RESERVED


Matthew 6:9-13 (KJ)

9After this manner therefore pray ye:
Our Father which art in heaven, Hallowed be thy name.
10Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done in earth, as it is in heaven.
11Give us this day our daily bread.
12And forgive us our debts, as we forgive our debtors.
13And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil:
For thine is the kingdom, and the power, and the glory, for ever.


June 1, 2007

Creator and Destroyer... 6-1-07

In the beginning, God created the Heavens and the earth,
with love, perseverance, and His gift through Mary’s virgin birth.
In the end, man destroys - for what it's really worth.

What's our goal? Where's the truth in what we have in store -
for have we focused selfishly - not on what went before?
Yes, God created, but man destroys through hate and angry war.

Man demands an answer. He's asks himself, "But why?"
He prays to God or Allah, seeks for peace from way up high -
then withdraws to his own measures - to truth he will deny.

Sin IS the cause for everything that's lacking in this world -
and that's why man destroys it all in wars that he has hurled.
Oh, but God will someday come. His wrath will be unfurled.

Man still seeks an answer though - in one he can agree....
but he won't find it in himself despite his loudest plea.
The answer still awaits him yet, through full humility....

Is there hope? God only knows - what all man desecrates,
through all of our self-centeredness, and sin that still awaits.
Will man continue to destroy - or love what God creates?

Man is educated, wise - with tools at his command,
but that age, old answer eludes him. Does he really understand?
Is the answer in our self - or is it in God's hand?

In the beginning, God created - through truth and grace, His love.
In the end, man destroys - to love he gives a shove,
-as he focuses on sin and self, instead of God above....

©2007 louis gander - ALL RIGHTS RESERVED


May 15, 2007

Yellow Stained Page 5-15-07

I sat in my room with Bible in hand,
trying to fully, to best understand;
But as I looked down, all I could see -
was a yellow stained page, staring back at me.

I turned my mind to another thought,
became discouraged, became distraught;
I concentrated - but all I could see,
was a yellow stained page, staring back at me.

I peered at times out the huge windowpane,
and knew that I shouldn't at all complain;
So I glanced back down but all I could see -
was a yellow stained page, staring back at me.

The big, red sun was settling down,
and longer shadows grew around;
I refocused my eyes but all I could see,
was a yellow stained page, staring back at me.

For quite some time I sat and thought,
for hours and hours my eyelids fought;
I pushed them up, but all I could see -
was a yellow stained page, staring back at me.

I stayed up half the night it seems;
then went to bed with the weirdest dreams;
Against dark blackness all I could see,
was a yellow stained page, staring back at me.

For many years, I sat at a loss....
I failed to fully understand the cross.
While I had eyes, I just couldn't see -
but the yellow stained page, staring back at me.

Yellow stains?  You ask me why?
Teardrops felled from saddened eyes.
 My vision blurred - I couldn't see,
but the yellow stained page, staring back at me. 

By grace alone, I know my God.
He comforts me - His staff and rod.
And now through faith, no longer see -
a yellow stained page, staring back at me.

©2007 louis gander ALL RIGHTS RESERVED


May 12, 2007

Tender Kisses 5-12-07

How can one wee baby, who knows no right or wrong -
Come to know Mom's tender kisses - then grow up big and strong?
How could an old man wither, who knew both right and wrong -
Remember all those kisses - yet grumble all life long?

There comes a time in all our lives, in love, we'll all say, "Hi!"
Then life moves forward - not on back. If only we knew why.
There came a time in my life too, I had to say goodbye -
For life moves forward, never back - it just happens by and by.

How can someone live with Jesus, walk with Him each day -
Experience His special love - but for silver then betray?
How can someone live with me and talk with me each day -
Experience my special love - but grow so cold and gray?

There comes a time in all our lives, our "hi" we will imply -
Then life moves forward - not on back. If only we knew why.
There came a time in my life too, I had to say goodbye -
My life moved forward, not on back - it just happened with a sigh.

How can some not understand the things I once had missed?
Through wisdom learn the obvious. It certainly exists.
How so often I forget, great things to reminisce -
Experience that deep true love - but betray it with a kiss?

There comes a time in all our lives, we look each in the eye -
Then life moves forward - not on back. If only we knew why.
There came a time in my life too, I had to say goodbye -
My life moved forward, not on back - and God sure knows I tried.

How can someone blabber on? We know which camp they're in.
They ignore the most important points but know them deep within.
The truth is all that matters now. They got beneath my skin.
So gather 'round and follow me. Let our fellowship begin.

There comes a time in all our lives, we know our true ally -
Then life moves forward - not on back. If only we knew why.
There came a time in my life too, I had to say goodbye -
To all Moms’ tender kisses - and it was then I cried.

How can I be so patient, how can I be so kind -
How can I be so loving - when the sinners go unwind?
How is God so patient? How is God so kind?
How is God so loving - when I had been so blind?

There comes a time in all our lives, true love we do defy -
And life moves forward - not on back - and only God knows why.
There came a time in my life too, I had to say goodbye -
Those tender kisses passed away - and there, that day, I died.

©2007 louis gander ALL RIGHTS RESERVED


1 Cor. 13: 4-8 and 13 
"Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It is not rude, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres. Love never fails.... ...And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love."

April 29, 2007

IF 4-29-07

IF, for someone that I love, I do for them some good,
How should I feel afterward - if I’m misunderstood?

IF, for someone that's a friend, I lend a helping hand,
How would I feel afterward - if more they would command?

IF, for someone that I know, I encourage and advise,
How would I feel afterward - if they screamed selfish cries?

IF, for strangers I should meet, and their anger wished my head,
How would I feel afterward - would I love them all instead?

IF, for enemies that I see, as I save their life, am maimed,
How would I feel afterward - if for their bruises, I were blamed?

How do I feel toward God Almighty - who gave His only Son?
Do I really thank Him for His gift - or do I wallow in my fun?

Do I misunderstand, command of Him, or blame when things go wrong?
Or love another as He so loved - as His witness all life long?

©2007 louis gander ALL RIGHTS RESERVED


April 25, 2007

God Loves Me 4-25-07

When I was just a little child, so many years ago,
joy and gladness filled my face wherever I would go.
I never had to worry. I had no earthly cares.
I'd play all day and then that night, I'd say my evening prayers.

But then, as I grew older, some pain had filled my face,
I'd scrape my knees and elbows - once broke mom's pretty vase.
Then passing through my teenage years and though I learned so much,
opinions got the best of me and stole the Masters touch.

Years had passed - and decades too - in my tenacious life.
Oh, I had pounded my own drum and blew my little fife.
Like a tree with trunk and limbs - I knew each branch, their twigs.
I grew in all directions - in twisted zags and zigs.

As God exposed His beauty - in me, in every leaf,
I soaked up all that certainty, with faith in my belief.
One by one leaves opened, full proof for all to see -
but I forgot about my roots and what God's plan might be.

One day while sitting on my throne - in educated bliss....
I wondered (Bible in my hands) what secret did I miss?
I panted in my studies. I prayed in earnest pleas....
It hit me like a ton of bricks - and crushed me to my knees.

My mighty tree had crashed in vain. It timbered from the sky....
Yes, only God knows everything – every truth and lie.
God found that long lost child once more as tears poured down my cheeks,
and I found His great joy again. I listen when He speaks.

I follow in His footsteps. I let his Spirit heal -
and once again, as long before, the Master's touch I feel.
In faith I lay me down to sleep - my deathbed He can see,
and nothing really matters now, except that God loves me.

©2007 louis gander ALL RIGHTS RESERVED


April 7, 2007

I'd Better Think Some More 4-7-07

I'm made each day to go to work beyond my comfy door;
But if I think I've sacrificed, I'd better think some more.
I'm made to watch my neighbors with possessions by the score;
But if I think I've sacrificed, I'd better think some more.

I'm made to get down on my knees to clean a dirty floor;
But if I think I've sacrificed, I'd better think some more.
I'm made to lie awake at night and know my spouse can snore;
But if I think I've sacrificed, I'd better think some more.

I'm made to cross the farmyard to work another chore;
But if I think I've sacrificed, I'd better think some more.
I'm made to wait both hand and foot, my child I so adore;
But if I think I've sacrificed, I'd better think some more.

I'm made to turn the other cheek. From cruelty I'm sore;
But if I think I've sacrificed, I'd better think some more.
I'm made to cross the ocean shore to fight another war;
But if I think I've sacrificed, I'd better think some more.

I've worked my fingers to the bone and built up my rapport;
But if I think I've sacrificed, I'd better think some more.
I donate sacrificially - more offerings are in store;
But if I think I've sacrificed, I'd better think some more.

I've still no flawless sacrifice. No works I can outpour;
And if I think I've sacrificed, I'd better think some more.
My God had sent His Perfect One - and that I can't ignore.
So if I think I've sacrificed, I'd better think some more....

©2007 louis gander ALL RIGHTS RESERVED


April 5, 2007

God Never Fails 4-5-07

When it rains it pours, but God never fails....
The world crashes down when my trials abound -
the winds could fill the sails...

When it rains it pours, but God never fails....
The world crashes down when my trials abound -
as breezes turn into gales...

When it rains it pours, but God never fails....
The world crashes down when my trials abound -
when I think it's over, it hails...

When it rains it pours, but God never fails....
When they took Him down and removed His crown –
who cared about the old nails?

So who cares when it pours? My effort fails!
Now when I’m down, I turn over my frown -
as my storm in comparison pales…

©2007 louis gander ALL RIGHTS RESERVED


March 25, 2007

In the Clouds 3-25-07

You ask why I am crying. So let me tell you why.
I was so very angry as I stared into the sky.

I lost my special mother and tears had filled my eyes.
I looked to God for answers but moisture blurred the skies.

I had only asked for answers - an emotional free ride.
I wanted Him to hold me - and keep me near His side.

I didn’t see the sunshine. Dark clouds hung over me.
I couldn’t feel His presence. I couldn’t begin to see….

But when I wiped away my tears, my thoughts were held in awe -
It held me captive for some time - for this is what I saw:

So clear and simple in the clouds - I now know why she died....
The sight of Jesus on the cross – in love, His arms held wide.

You ask why I am crying. I’m crying ‘cuz I’m glad –
I knew that she was everything - and thought was all I had.

©2007 louis gander ALL RIGHTS RESERVED


March 22, 2007

Walk The Talk 3-22-07

Love is a tough word for men made of steel.
Some cannot say it - despite how they feel.
And way down inside, you'll find at the core,
that few love much higher than ostriches soar.

Some utter their love in flowers and smiles.
There are many words and so many styles.
Some share their feelings with tears in one eye,
while others share thoughts in endless supply....

But talk is so shallow - it's easier said,
than walking the talk, and giving instead.
When we're confronted with our simple trials,
do we drag our cross - and for how many miles?

A cross is a menace that scoffs in our ear.
We wish every time it would just disappear;
but if our love's real - and fills us inside,
A cross surely conquers when we are denied.

For there was a Man who lived long ago,
that gave so much more - than we'll ever know.
He shared with the children, women and men,
and taught us all how - to love once again

There wasn't a record of “fanciful” talk,
but rather, instead, of unselfish walk.
While prayers were sincere to His Father above,
mere words didn't finish His dutiful love.

He spoke not a word - defending His own,
and faithfully walked each step all alone.
We cannot imagine the pain He endured,
and from the soldiers, the scoffing He heard.

Mere words were spoken and all had seemed lost,
but actions spoke louder than two timbers crossed.
And love didn't lose to the cross in that war -
because Jesus yet lives and that cross is no more.

©2007 louis gander ALL RIGHTS RESERVED


March 20, 2007

Depressions' Book 3-20-07

Are you feeling really cheery -
just like the men of old?
Or are you filled with sin's debris?
Just how's your story told?

Who writes the story of your life?
Who maps your many miles?
Who slashed your insides with a knife?
Who brings you down with trials?

It's always someone else's fault -
It's never ours to claim.
So go on curse - and then assault.
Your friends must be to blame....

Your life is in such disarray.
At times you're feeling blue.
Because you chose your selfish way,
blame must be placed on you.

With deep despair and sinful strife,
your insides churn and burn.
Is that the story of your life -
and you've no place to turn?

So many think they know it all,
they answer every whim.
But those who conquer big and small
have put their faith in Him.

Your whole life's story, who will write?
Who'll map your many miles?
Give God your pen, it's quite alright -
He'll bring you many smiles....

Several people read your book,
each day more print occurs -
so do you know the path you took?
Was roadway, His or yours?

It's your story, it's disclosed,
and every day it's read -
but when God flips the cover closed,
you'll be completely dead.

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March 8, 2007

What's so special? 3-08-07

What's so special about a tree, without bright flowering buds to see?
What if it reached up to the sky - but imparted no beauty to the eye?

What's so special about a tree, without small birds chirping songs for me?
What if it had no living cells - nor rendered scents of unique smells?

What's so special about a tree, without any roots? Is that not key?
What if it had a trunk so tall - but yielded no juicy fruit each fall?

What's so special about a tree, that stands there dead for all to see?
What if the sunshine took its aim, but the shadow proved its simple frame?

What's so special about a tree, without ornaments' glistening spree?
What if it had no tinsel gold - and stood unparalleled, barren, cold?

What's so special about a tree, that held a life and saw it flee?
What if it held no life down in - but yet it held through thick and thin?

What's so special about a tree, that held One captive for you and me?
What if it charged the highest price - for the only, perfect sacrifice?

What's so special about a tree - so long ago lost? Say, what could it be?
Everything! For it had given - Jesus the place, where all sins were forgiven.

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February 12, 2007

Grandma 2-12-07

Grownups seem so funny. They never seem to change.
‘Specially my ol’ grandma. She always acted strange.
Peculiar smells escaped out when she opened up her door.
And as I stepped into her house - heard creaking in the floor.

She seemed a bit hunched over. She wasn't very thin.
Her teeth would sometimes chatter when she moved her double chin.
She decorated very nice. A corner held the broom.
She'd have her nylon stockings hangin' ‘round the living room....

But God made grandma special. Her cooking, Heaven sent.
She hadn't much to offer but she really was content.
And she was always cooking with her hair back in a bun.
She always had her apron on – had little time for fun.

Sometimes I got in trouble taking cookies from her jar....
The crumbs would seem to mark my sin. I didn't get too far.
One day we had a party. She cried when she was glad.
She cried when she was happy too and cried when she was sad.

Once she claimed I was in sin. I asked her what she meant,
So she opened up her Bible and read a whole event.
I had so many questions that she took me by the hand,
She had so many answers that I couldn't understand.

She said God loved so deeply and - death held the only key,
So back behind the bloodstains Jesus had to die for me.
Maybe sin is so disgusting that - love has to be unfair,
And maybe that's why grandma cried - when she knelt down in prayer.

When I got hurt, she kissed it well. She was the "best-est" nurse,
Then she said, "Be careful" quoting yet another verse.
She often looked so busy. She sometimes looked quite weak;
But when I left, she always had the time to kiss my cheek.

I miss my grandma very much. She died some time ago.
But when she spoke of Jesus, oh, her face was all aglow.
Now when I close my eyes I see that same familiar face,
Reminding me of Jesus and God's everlasting grace.

©2007 louis gander ALL RIGHTS RESERVED