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June 19, 2007

Focus 6-19-07

God is love – please do understand.
God created and gave us His plan.
Adam and Eve received their supply,
but warned with one, if eaten, would die.
The serpent said, Now Eve, it's cool, -
so then they broke God’s only rule.
Found they were naked, felt guilty and odd,
put on coverings and hid from their God.

He threw them out to till their own soil,
and sin continues man's futile toil.
For sin holds no love. It's totally void,
of God's great creation so life is destroyed!
Sin has killed scores - millions and millions,
sent them to graves - soldiers, civilians,
Since the beginning, from man's lustful eye,
demanding a larger, big slice of the pie.

But in Heaven - there's no speck of sin,
and only God knows us all within.
God stands at our door and knocks.
But do we hide behind our locks?
God is love and sin is hate.
They can't be woven or conjugate.
We live on Earth, a precarious place,
Right in-between both Hell and Grace.

We know that "I" is the center of 'pride
and after we stumble, the center of 'tried'.
We climb on each other to get to the top,
and focused on self, we cannot stop.
'I' was born between 'S' and 'N',
right in the middle of the big word, 'sin'.
Only grace can pull out this 'I',
and slip it in 'faith' in loving reply.

Like Paul, I was lost and totally blind,
until I realized that God was so kind.
When I am focused on Him and not me,
it's then that His love sets me totally free....
I pray that you all can now understand,
why sin and wars encompass this land.
And why we covet, envy, and lust,
and why we all need God's love in us....

©2007 louis gander - ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

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