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December 27, 2008

That Empty Rocker 12-27-08

Pull up that empty rocker - and spill your problems Dear.
I may have no solutions but my memory is clear.

No one can steal the memories - the memories I know -
of pine trees holding branches up - though drooping under snow.

There's only good in cold lakes if we're the frozen duck -
and that's how we find blessings - when we are down in luck.

No. Nothing's ever perfect - and we're not always glad,
unless we see the blessings - in both the good and bad.

We slide down every hillside - with chilly hands and toes -
but sunshine on our faces - should be how sledding goes.

I was told to "stick it out". It is what I was taught.
Yes, he and I were loving - despite what others thought.

Oh, often there were trying times - priorities to sort -
and working close together, our tempers could run short.

It took some perseverance when I was "up to bat",
but giving up comes easy - and many do just that.

Unlike many moms and dads, we always stuck together,
but Christmas time was special in any kind of "weather".

My gifts were quite abundant under every Christmas tree -
but what I lacked in substance I could hold in memory.

He wasn't always thoughtful, at Christmas year to year -
but he was my tremendous gift, as he was always here.

I know your troubled marriage. I sense it's no more fun -
but notice all my gifts are here - all my gifts but one.

©2008 louis gander ALL RIGHTS RESERVED


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