Louis Gander is a story teller in poetry form. Many poems are true and many are not. He thanks all those who have spread the word of his free poetry. His prayer is that through his poetry, this world can become a safer, respectful, loving, forgiving, more peaceful place.

December 18, 2008

Family Christmas 12-17-08

Aside from better and the worse,
aside from workers so perverse,
aside from friends who are diverse,
time with those I most converse,
is family.

Aside from jokes on my behalf,
aside from every quip or gaffe,
aside from the whole office staff,
time with those I'd rather laugh,
is family.

Aside from worldly wisdom's trend,
aside from strangers I befriend,
aside from those I can depend,
time with those I'd rather spend,
is family.

Aside from all the lights I see,
aside from all the joy and glee,
aside from any Christmas tree,
the all important thing to me,
is family.

©2008 louis gander - ALL RIGHTS RESERVED


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