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December 16, 2008

Lights Of Christmas 12-16-08

With people running to and fro
Christmas time would come and go.
All in smiles, in sunshine grow -
but I, in blackness, could not glow.

Inside living differently,
sorting through my mess -
yet nothing changed inside of me
Confused I lived in darkness.

Christmas days - I'd learn to cope,
I'd live through each quite aimless.
But this time though - a speck of hope,
pierced right through my darkness.

This Christmas night - a manger scene,
was lit under the blackness.
I saw it no more as routine -
as something pierced my darkness.

A simple manger in the night
that only God could bless.
And just that little speck of light
pierced right through my darkness.

That night a star - shone up above,
so bright the night could not suppress.
And that was when - a speck of love
pierced right through my darkness.

I saw that day - a baby boy,
Surrounded by all humbleness.
And then I knew - a speck of joy
pierced right through my darkness.

As I felt my sorrows cease,
and knelt there to confess,
was then I felt - a speck of peace
pierced right through my darkness.

I heard behind me snickering
I felt the chilly breeze.
but it was there I saw the light
while praying on my knees.

That blackness in me fell apart.
I knew there at that stable,
a light had pierced my buried heart.
I glow - for He is able.

©2008 louis gander - ALL RIGHTS RESERVED


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