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September 29, 2015

Arguing With 'Love' 9-29-15

(arguing with 'love')

There's not one speck of you in me.
I'm macho, tough and strong!
Go back to those who have soft hearts.
Go back where you belong.
I have no fear of anything
as long as I have breath.
I have no fear of failure and
I have no fear of death.

You make me whimper in my pride
You're not for men like me.
You are so difficult to say
and cause such jealousy.
My ears have heard the saddest songs
that man could ever sing.
You cannot give me what I want -
You are not comforting.

You melt my heart and kill my soul
when everything goes wrong.
You make me sad.  You make me blue.
You string me out so long...
...then break my heart and make me cry.
You made me very sad.
You make the tears run down my cheeks.
I've no more words to add.

For God so loved the world, you say -
a world with many views.
So am I not to judge all those
who don't live in my shoes?
Their cultures are so different
so tell me, must I start -
to show you to my enemies
so they can see my heart?

You also tell me Someone died -
that sacrifice begins
(despite a very cruel death)
to save me from my sins...
...that you are something different -
and something I must share -
to someone I don't even know -
so that they know I care.

Am I but showing off to friends?
Will they make fun of me -
if they should see me shed a tear
or see me on one knee?
Well, humbled, I will tell of you
until I get to Heaven -
for you are the most precious gift
that God has ever given.

©2015 louis gander ALL RIGHTS RESERVED


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