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September 20, 2015

In the Sand 9-20-15

The footprints in the sand have long ago been washed away,
by rising tides and sinful waves that we can see today.
We wander beaches daily searching for them all around,
then wonder why our Savior Lord is nowhere to be found.

We search through our theologies and search our world o'er.
We search so far and long and hard for evidence and more...
...as wars and chaos follow us.  The poor and migrants too.
We are so overwhelmed, we say.  Oh, what are we to do?

We pray for all our sicknesses and great financial woes,
but selfishness is evident and oh, it really shows.
It shows with more vacations and our thoughts in ev'ry pleasure.
It shows with bigger homes and faster cars and ev'ry treasure.

How can we find our loving God when buried in our stuff?
And when do you think God will fin'lly say He's had enough?
But memories still carry truth that someone carried us -
so when we glance back at the shore, remember, it was Jesus.

So don't forget to thank Him for the blessings that He gave,
then pray that He will idle tides and ev'ry sinful wave.
Indeed, if we can witness peace throughout both sea and land
it's then we'll notice once again those footprints in the sand.

©2015 louis gander - ALL RIGHTS RESERVED


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