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July 12, 2015

Without A Single Fear 7-12-15

While resting in a field of grass,
I pray, "Almighty God,
The breezes blow in constant waves.
I find it somewhat odd -
I find it odd that grasses bend
and give in to the breeze.
I find it odd that they don't fight,
Are they the least of these?"

God's answer was immediate
as I searched deep inside.
Did I move with the breezes too?
Did I have faults to hide?
Did breezes blow me to and fro?
Did I bend as the field?
Do sins of old and sins anew
keep me from being healed?

Determined then to live correct
in world that isn't 'just' -
I must live life as Jesus did.
Forgiveness is a must.
Oh, there's no doubt that I was wronged
and plagues will follow me,
but faithfully I'll follow Him
and live life reverently.

With elbow on soft, velvet grass
and hand against my ear,
while resting on the greenest slope,
my wishes disappear.
Earth passes now, or so it seems,
as I am resting here,
without concern or troubled angst,
without a single fear.

©2015 louis gander - ALL RIGHTS RESERVED


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