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July 3, 2015

Creation's Clue 7-3-15

Accept, do I, the words I've heard,
with most correct, but some absurd?
Accept, do I, decision's fate
and all the problems I create?

Accept, do I, the sunset's hue,
that grass is green and leaves are too?
Accept, do I, my primrose path,
my grave mistakes that mandate wrath?

Accept, do I, the brilliant rose,
that it is covered when it snows?
Accept, do I, that winters bring
a certain death 'til warming spring?

Accept, do I, a baby's smile
and baby's laugh that's so worthwhile?
Accept, do I, all I behold,
that truth and love are good to hold?

Accept, do I, creation's clues,
so why not my Creator too!?
Accept, do I, confession's face,
repentant tears, redeeming grace?

Accept, do I, the guilt I hold,
that as days pass, I'm getting old?
Accept, do I, my sovereign God
before I'm laid here under sod?

©2015 louis gander - ALL RIGHTS RESERVED


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