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June 1, 2012

This Little Country Church 6-1-12

So picturesque, the meadow -
though breezes cut with knife,
but water whispers in the brook
as valley springs to life.
So beautiful, the hillside view
of pines, red oak and birch -
but nothing is so lovely as
this little country church.

It stands so straight and solid,
despite these many years,
unwavered by the storms of life,
and many heartfelt tears.
The mem'ries of a time long past
hold to a grim disguise,
as visions of my long lost friends
bring sorrow to my eyes.

Though not a soul in eye-sight,
I am accompanied -
as Jesus walks before me
and throws salvation's seed.
The world, indeed, still wants to change -
a sinful earthly curse
and little church, long empty now,
not better, is for worse.

Yet birds still lift my spirits.
"Have faith!" they seem to say,
as chills from early springtime winds
now dry some tears away.
So somberly, through weathered door
I step in reverently.
A greater flood of mem'ries more
now pounce all over me.

They shake my senses silly
and pelt with bruising flack.
My eyes now rest on walnut pews
as mem'ries pull me back.
Hey Clem, hello!  Yes, Doris too -
and all my other friends...
I stand here frozen all the while
until remembrance ends.

With congregation absent,
(deceptions made them flee),
the root of evil holds them off -
not prayer, nor faith, nor me.
My love for mankind multiplies
as springtime wakes the seed,
but this old world will never find
the Savior who they need.

Our discipline was honored.
Respect was dignified.
Oh, how will children of today
see Jesus glorified?
Setting on a folding chair,
still sets a dusty Book
and tears well up again as I
take yet a closer look.

Stepping out, the chilly winds
condemn my presence here,
but I will surely come again
My heart still holds no fear.
So beautiful, the hillside is
of pines, red oak and birch -
but nothing is so lovely as
this little country church.

©2012 louis gander - ALL RIGHTS RESERVED


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  1. What a heart warming poem. Makes a person ponder. Stirs my soul. Amen!


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