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March 20, 2012

Tears No Longer 3-20-12

Behind the doors of many homes,
no matter where you go -
a multitude of people weep.
Their tears forever flow...

I sat behind my mommy in
the back seat of our car.
My daddy did the driving, but
we didn't get too far.

My mom and I were talking,
and we were smiling wide,
but someone ran the traffic light
and hit us hard broad-side.

The truck came out of nowhere -
the driver, DUI.
And buckled in her seat belt, mom
had watched my daddy die.

I woke up in a hospital -
in pain for several days.
Our fragile world turned up-side-down
in many, many ways...

"Jesus, heal my broken heart.
I feel emotion's tug,
whenever mommy holds me tight
and gives me daddy's hug.
Embraced below Your sunsets
through visions of the wreck -
I know my mom is crying too.
Her tears run down my neck.

"She says we'll be in Heaven there.
It is her only prayer.
Daddy, mother, also I -
are in Your precious care.
Though she forgives the driver -
forget? She never will.
And though the years are passing by,
our tears are flowing still.

"But please forgive me Jesus -
I can't get on my knees.
Fun and laughter, drugs and beer
is all the world sees.
Is several years of crying worth
some stranger's day of fun?
'They know not what they do' You said.
Our tears forever run.

"You hear all my petitions
My deepest thoughts I share.
Your great omniscient presence
surrounds my wheel chair.
And I am not discouraged.
Through faith in You, I know -
in Heaven, we'll be together -
where tears no longer flow."

©2012 louis gander - ALL RIGHTS RESERVED



  1. Congratulations...I'm glad this poem won!

    We had something similar happen just up the road from us last week-end!
    Keep up your powerful writing Louis.It is nice to be in touch!

    God bless you and yours this Easter Season.

  2. This poem is beautifully written. It draws hope out of a sad story.

  3. Hi, Louis,
    This poem is so touching and beautiful!

    I just sent you a note that I have written a song called "Heal My Broken Heart" which mirrors this poem in so many ways. Though, it is more about the struggle with God emotionally than describing an actual event. I want to share it with your readers, as I think they will be blessed by the song as well. Click on my name and it will take you to it.

    You are so gifted and inspired by God. Thanks for sharing your gift with the world!


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