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June 26, 2011

The Garden Of Eden 6-26-11

The Garden of Eden, perfect...

Not because the trees there had
so many tasty fruits,
not because the roadways had
the smoothest, shortest routes.

Not because they had new cars,
and pleasure-drove for miles,
not because the malls had sold
the latest fig-leaf styles.

Not because their bank accounts
had endless lines of cash,
not because computers didn't
ever, ever crash.

Not because the stores there gave
them everything for free,
not because the weather was
a constant seventy.

Not because attorneys there
would never, ever sue,
not because the skies there were
a perfect, bluish hue.

Not because the locks on doors
had solid gold keys,
and not because the oceans had
the perfect rolling seas.

Is perfection for our comfort,
that God so amply serves -
or for our reverent, humble prayers
that He so much deserves?

The Garden of Eden - perfect,
but after poor advice,
God had to send His only Son -
our perfect sacrifice.

©2011 louis gander ALL RIGHTS RESERVED


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