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August 15, 2009

Stephen 8-15-09

Can hate and anger comprehend,
that love and peace protects, defends?
How can earthly warring cease
with hate and anger, love and peace?

Stephen, honest from his youth,
spoke in pure unbridled truth.
A man of love - to God attached,
A reputation, few had matched.

This man, so trusted many years
had brought to surface others' fears.
When evil rulers questioned acts,
dear Stephen merely stated facts.

They were enraged, became disgusted
with the man who others trusted -
though of faith and Spirit-filled,
Stephen was the man they killed.

Rulers, sin had so distracted
by their thoughts that they'd enacted,
stepped forth from an evil clan -
and stoned to death this Godly man.

From evil men - among their hurds -
sometimes stones are spiteful words.
Hate is used, still used today -
when words are used to kill who may.

Who may walk in step with God,
where evil men will never trod?
For evil men will never hear
the promises that cause them fear.

How can earthly warring cease
with hate and anger, love and peace?
Can't hate and anger comprehend,
our love and peace protects, defends?

©2009 louis gander - ALL RIGHTS RESERVED


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