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August 1, 2009

Foundation's Truth 8-1-09

So proud and tall she stands today,
for she had understood the way -
the importance of her humble job
while surrounded with such disarray.

Lest our nation backward slide,
never once we cussed or lied,
but now through 'hope' and true 'belief'
we're safely home and here abide.

She had noticed through the years
so many 'wet behind the ears'.
For they had taken it for granted -
a right that easily disappears.

Still there, but lonely, she still stands,
(no music, pomp or marching bands) -
Her usefulness has gone, expired -
as 'greater good' today demands.

Our freedom's 'right' - none can erase,
but most give up in any case.
She stands so ready, though alone -
next to a corrupt voting place.

When blinded by bad policy,
can she still fly our flag freely?
If one by one our 'rights' are stripped -
can this, a mighty nation be?

©2009 louis gander - ALL RIGHTS RESERVED


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