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January 20, 2009

Talk Is Cheap 1-20-09

When words are empty, talk is cheap.
when words are parsed, talk is cheap.
when gossip travels like a missile, talk is cheap.
when the ends justify the means, talk is cheap.
when eyes expose an angered heart, talk is cheap.
when half-truths build as a skyscraper, talk is cheap.
when manure is spread upon the heap, talk is cheap.
when rationalizing trumps the rational, talk is cheap.
when an agenda overrides the purpose, talk is cheap.
when tongues repeat the hollow points, talk is cheap.
when innuendo paints the masterpiece, talk is cheap.
when the snake oil slips along the slime, talk is cheap.
when truth is obvious between the lines, talk is cheap.
when words invest for a return on flattery, talk is cheap.
when words are used for self preservation, talk is cheap.
when words are spit out with forked tongue, talk is cheap.
when words become more colorful than a rainbow, talk is cheap.
when words are tailored like a thousand dollar suit, talk is cheap.
when ten dollar words are used on a two-cent thought, talk is cheap.
and when money is the purpose behind the words, talk is worthless.

©2009 louis gander ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

Psalm 78: (NASB)
35And they remembered that God was their rock,
And the Most High God their Redeemer.
36But they deceived Him with their mouth
And lied to Him with their tongue.
37For their heart was not steadfast toward Him,
Nor were they faithful in His covenant.


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