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January 19, 2009

If I Were God.... 1-19-2009

Bad things happen every day,
on waves and solid sod -
This world is in such disarray -
but not if I were God.

People fall off mountains -
People fall in ditches -
People fall for anything -
but not if I were God.

People will get greedy -
People will get sad -
People will get lonely -
but not if I were God.

People get diseases -
People get depressed.
People get so bothered -
but not if I were God.

People hurt so often -
People hurt so much -
People hurt each other -
but not if I were God.

No, if I were God,
there'd be no mountains.
there'd be no valleys,
lakes or drinking fountains.

No one would fall off of,
fall into, or drown.
No, if I were God,
you'd never, ever frown.

If I were God,
there'd be 'garden of Eden',
all would be happy,
with nobody leavin'.

If I were God,
you could do what you please,
there wouldn't be plagues,
locusts or fleas.

Yes, if I were God,
you'd sing la-la-la,
because I'd create

Don't worry that you'd never be challenged.
Don't worry that you'd get a bit bored.
Don't worry that you'd be a robot -
with brains as dense as a board.

So did God have other intentions?
Does 'free will' mean much at all?
Did Jesus give us a challenge?
And are we to answer His call?

©2009 louis gander ALL RIGHTS RESERVED


Matthew 9:37 (KJV)
Then saith he unto his disciples, The harvest truly is plenteous, but the labourers are few;

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