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March 10, 2008

What do we VALUE? 3-10-08

We love money to extreme - and to get more we plan our scheme.
Expectancy has blinded us - yet in excitement, hear us scream.
Where's our faith? Can we not see? The stars can't blind a single flea.
Possessions should not steal the heart for that is where our God should be.

We love sports to the extreme and know the players on each team.
Predictions grip has deafened us - yet when the game starts, hear us scream.
Where's our trust? Can we not hear? Noise can't conquer day or year,
Screaming will not change God's time and soon our echoes disappear.

We love sales to the extreme, the malls and such can fill a dream.
Foresight makes us worldly, dumb - yet in excitement, hear us scream.
Where's our mind? Are we not real? The smallest spokes connect the wheel.
Touch the nail prints on His hands and tell me Jesus cannot feel.

We love life to it's extreme and love our time (so it may seem).
Anticipations make us squirm - yet water's nothing to the cream!
Ponder this if you should care - that spears can't conquer any air.
Several things can break our knees - but can they bend for any prayer?

and what is our WORTH?

Some say God is too profound - He can't be known, He can't be found.
It's then that I must ask myself if my priorities are sound...
"Have I loved the "least of these", as Jesus did (to God's degree)?
And do I now "so love the world" or do I love, but only me?"

"Can I not see my Savior bleed? Do God’s commandments I not heed?
Have I been focused on myself? Am I even worth one mustard seed?"
We all know that - Gods grace is free, but He knows not - the worldly.
Mustard seeds can never boast, yet God lifts you and He lifts me.

©2008 louis gander ALL RIGHTS RESERVED


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