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March 23, 2008

EASTER Query 3-23-08

Pride is where all evil lurks.
Where is grace and where are works?
Where is Caesar and his men?
Where does history start again?

Where's the silver - thirty pieces?
Where is faith when it all ceases?
Where's Barabbas? Where's the Christ?
Where's the root of evils' price?

Where's the elders and chief priests?
Where's the first and where's the least?
Where's the charge and what's His stance?
Where's the truth and what's its chance?

Where is Pilot? Where's the fault?
Where's the anger and assault?
Where's the sin and where's the quiet?
Where's the screaming and the riot?

Where are those with lying lips?
Where's their words and where's the whips?
Where were Peter, James and John?
What was said (when came upon)?

Where's the mob and where's the scourging?
What had brought the crowds emerging?
Where's the robe of fancy scarlet?
Where's the reed and every threat?

Where's the thorn upon His head?
Where's the king who reigned instead?
Where's the cross and all sins weight?
Where was Simon? Where's the wait?

Where's Golgotha? Where's the thrill?
Where's the blood which had to spill?
Where's the insults and abuse?
Where's the final, last excuse?

Where's the path where He was led?
Where's the charge above His head?
Where's the robbers - left and right?
Where's the rope that bound them tight?

Where are those who took commands?
Where's the nails that pierced His hands?
Where's the nail that set His feet?
Where were Angels, His retreat?

Where are those that took the lead?
Where are those who made Him bleed?
Where are those who blasphemed, mocked?
Where are those in awe and shock?

Where did Jesus take the cup?
Where were His prayers offered up?
Where's the last breath when He died?
Where's the sword that pierced His side?

Where's our sins that He could take?
Where's the thunder and the quake?
Where's the veil that tore in two?
Where's the many - and the few?

Where's the place where Jesus died?
Where's the place of all who lied?
Where's the stone and where's the tomb?
Where's the linen and perfume?

Where's the stone that rolled away?
Where's our thoughts of Him today?
Where's the seal upon the stone?
Where's the truth of the unknown?

Where's their teaching? Where's its flaw?
Where is grace and where is law?
Where's the cross where He was nailed?
Where's the past? Who has prevailed?

Where's the evening and the dawn,
and where's our risen Savior gone?
Where is death and where's its sting?
Where's the past and everything?

Where's the Easter of that day?
What's the Easter we portray?
Where's the hope in Easter eggs?
Where's my strength within my legs?

Except for He who reappeared,
where's the things that disappeared?
Where's the things of rot and rust?
Where's the people - turned to dust?

Where's the aged? Where's the youth?
Where's our thoughts of every truth?
Where's His grace and its reply?
Where's my faith and where am I?

©2008 louis gander - ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

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