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January 28, 2007

Our Crossroad 1-28-07

I'm always at a crossroad. Decisions make it so.
My head spins in circles but - I choose which way I go.
The world flies past every day. They race both to and fro.
They seem to know just what they want, but do they really know?

They push, and shove, and like a bull - they charge with all their hate,
-Struggling on mountains - and in valleys under weight.
Then they pull around sharp corners - their rocky burdens great.
They lie, steal and murder - but to that I can't relate.

Many times it's their entire fault. The edge they like to skirt.
They lean way out but want to be - protected from all hurt.
At times they work through dinner but their work still tastes like dirt,
And when it comes to getting paid, demand their full dessert.

Each road leads to other burdens as all had led to Rome.
Ways deceive with wealth and pleasure. Through deserts some will comb.
But no matter which way they turn, we know they'll always roam.
And carrying their burdens on - they'll never find their home.

Some don't find an answer so - decisions they won't make,
Yet doing nothing is but a - decision of mistake.
They cannot sleep through heartache and - they cannot take a break,
For each and every morning problems greet when they awake.

Once I crawled inside of me, collapsing in my skin,
Yet couldn't push the world out as I crawled back deep within.
The answers not inside of us, so now we must begin,
For what is our direction when our pity draws us in?

All three hundred sixty degrees, our decisions are no joke.
From our hub of life we see and test our every spoke.
Although the way is not so clear because of lies and smoke,
There’s One who will cut through it all. He does for honest folk.

We must pray and then step up to face our flaming arrow.
He leads us by still waters as we walk the straight and narrow.
I look down on one side - to streams of pain and sorrow.
Way up the other, burdens' rocks - yet He protects the sparrow.

©2007 louis gander ALL RIGHTS RESERVED


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