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January 18, 2007

Grace 1-18-07

Faults have consequence - always entwine.
My faults are many. My sins all mine.
If I could forget. But I know not how
and failures still haunt me, even now.

Always stalking, collecting many,
the burdens I bear - they are aplenty.
Even one burden that's heavy and great,
crushes me totally under its weight.

What have I done? And what is the cure?
My guilt is too heavy. I cannot endure....
I could change it - make it all disappear-
if I could relive each wayward year.

I cannot go back, but if i could,
would my new actions be perfectly good?
I guess I know that this miserable soul
could not relive it, to make me whole.

I'm all torn apart - from limb to limb.
My hope is but gone, my life bleak and grim.
My head is spinning. Emotions are tossed.
Oh, woe am I – I am totally lost!

If the world could smell my putrid old blood,
they would drag my body through all the mud.
And If I was judged by truth and jury,
they'd hang me quick in their own fury.

And if the judge was fair, cold and just,
was shown my failures - rot, odor and rust;
he'd throw the whole world of death down at me,
and hang me high from the tallest tree.

I'd be happy and sure would not run-
if I could wish it completely undone!
But I cannot change a single thing,
I must sacrifice. I will now bring-

all my possessions, all my good stuff,
my house, my car, my job... is that enough?
Take my wealth, put it all under key.
Is that not enough? Please just agree.

No, even that is so insufficient,
for I am so lost - ugly, deficient;
No work I can do, will fix up my past,
nor heal one scar of failures sharp blast.

Really, the answer is not mine to give,
I can't change history. I cannot relive....
Please! My burden, could someone now lift?
It would be the greatest, most special gift!

Who could love so much - to take such a loss,
and die Himself - on a rugged old cross?
The answer was gifted from one loving face-
from God's act of mercy and glorious grace.

©2007 louis gander ALL RIGHTS RESERVED


Romans 11:6 (NASB) “But if it is by grace, it is no longer on the basis of works, otherwise grace is no longer grace.

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  1. Hi Louis, I just want to let you know how much I love what you've done here on your site. You really put your heart into it. I'm very impressed and touched by quite a few things, including this poem. Have a wonderful evening.


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