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December 22, 2018

Gifts 12-22-18

The gift of life.  The gift of air.
The gift of mother's loving care.

The gift of water I can drink.
The gift of mind so I can think.

The gift of sweet and sour taste.
The gift of food that fuels my haste.

The gift of beauty from the rose.
 The gift of fragrance as it grows.

The gift of hearing with my ears.
The gift of feeling through my tears.

The gift of fingertips and touch.
The gift of hugs that matter much.

The gift of singing fav'rite songs.
The gift of healing all my wrongs.

The gift of knowing Jesus Christ.
The gift of grace, so overpriced.

The gift of marriage- man and wife.
The gift of everlasting life.

These gifts of love are on display,
these gifts of God from day to day.

These gifts abundant, always near,
these gifts of God from year to year.

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