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January 21, 2017

Lonely 1-21-17

Except for chirping bird or two
it's quiet in the park.
I hear my feet move through the grass
and soon it will be dark.

The air is calm and quiet here
and everything seems tame,
but world has turned me up-side-down
and nothing is the same.

Elusive is the rainbow's end.
My feet are much too slow.
And lost forever are the smiles
of friends so long ago.

My hands can't catch what finds my nose,
and empty they are still.
They cannot catch the fragrance of
an outdoor charcoal grille.

I cannot grasp the beautiful,
the clouds, so cottony.
And children who play much too loud
but such a sight to see.

My fingers cannot seem to touch
the treasures in my mind.
It seems they're much too feeble now
to touch what once had rhymed.

My arms are weak and cannot wrap
around the ocean's roar,
and lost are thoughtful special hugs.
My children are no more.

My legs can't seem to carry me.
My body's on the brink.
But my mind's like the sharpest tack -
and I can surely think.

Now if you'd listen for a bit,
I'd love so much to share,
but loneliness shares memory
of which you're unaware.

Because you like to socialize,
you laugh your days away -
and that way you don't have to live
a single lonely day.

I wonder if you only care
about your happenings -
the drama you create each day
and other petty things.

Forgive me for my selfishness,
I should have thought things through.
I'm sorry that I speak of that
instead of only you.

Except for chirping bird or two
it's lonely in the park.
I hear my feet move through the grass
and soon it will be dark.

©2017 louis gander ALL RIGHTS RESERVED


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