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May 13, 2013

In Melodies 5-13-13

As seagulls soar above the seas -
as busy as the honey bees -
and free of want, of any need,
light fingers float on ivory keys.

My arms reach out and grope so much
to sounds my soul seems deemed to clutch.
The music makes my soul sing out.
How eloquent- how soft the touch.

The melody I hear again.
My cheeks are soaked down to my chin -
I listen more- a hundred times!
How can I store them all within?

If I could mute out all the 'norm'
with notes so delicately warm -
so we, God's face, in them could see -
oh how, if I could so perform...

And yet the keys were touched so crisp,
that even sounds from roses lisp
had scattered petals through the sky,
that danced both to and fro in wisp.

Descending tenderly they near
and float emotions on my ear -
in melodies with eloquence -
that softly fade- then disappear...

The missing notes, God does forgive.
Instead of taking, I should give -
in love, as Jesus gave to me.
My life, like music, I must live.

(inspired by the musical talent of Mark Greer)

©2013 louis gander ALL RIGHTS RESERVED


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