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February 22, 2013

My Dearest Friends 2-22-13

The stars come out to welcome me.  The sun had set so fast.
I need to live a simple life, forgetting evil's past.
Here, I'm at peace with all my friends - at this, my Alma mater.
A seagull swoops so ever low.  Its wingtip kisses water.

True friends have such a special way of understanding word -
though swaying branches speak to me in language never heard.
But I can understand them all, for I've been here before.
So lonely are the busy ones who only hear the shore.

The moon looks down with saddened frown.  I sense it's message there,
"We love it when you visit us.  We really, truly care."
But even so, I soon must go.  Much stronger is the breeze.
It's whisper lingers, "Do not go.  Stay longer, if you please."

Each time I leave I don't forget the many loving ways
they're etched into my mem'ry like the sunset's brilliant rays -
that showered down around me as a rainbow's vivid views
and lit up like a halo that enhanced all nature's hues.

Between my obligations, torn - decisions I regret -
then say, the leaves there in the trees, "Please do not leave us yet."
And say, the little waves on shore (as they splash near my feet),
"To have you here, to talk to us, is such a real treat."

So I respond in loving kind, "God made you so divine!
You'll always be my sincere friends.  The pleasure is all mine!
"I so enjoy our favorite talks and I, great wonders, see.
So rich, our time together is.  I love your company."

Reflecting off the water's waves, the lights from distant shore -
still seem to make me want to stay and talk a little more.
Yet like the sun, I now must run.  The sky is turning black.
They may not know I love them so, but I'll be coming back.

Just one more time, I soak it in.  God always makes it right.
"I'll miss you all, my dearest friends- and bid you all Good night!"
I turn to take a final glance before I walk away.
I hesitate, a tear slips down.  There'll be another day.

©2013 louis gander ALL RIGHTS RESERVED


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