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December 8, 2012

Nativity Christmas 12-8-12

Does someone call as snowflakes fall
upon my window sill?
There comes a sleigh. The horses neigh,
in spirit of goodwill.

There's not a breeze.  My mind's at ease.
They bid me, "Come" they say.
So I step out.  There is no doubt -
that this is Christmas Day.

I hop aboard and ride on toward -
a town that's splashed with sights.
I look ahead at green and red.
I love those Christmas lights.

The air is crisp. I see a wisp -
on front of horses' mane -
that bounce with pep at every step.
The horses do not wane.


Heard sleigh bells chime throughout that time
until I got to town -
And hooves had clopped until they stopped
as I arrived downtown.

Nativity...  I smiled with glee -
heard carols in the air.
The shepherds spied.  The three Magi
saw Jesus sleeping there.

A camel knelt.  In joy they dwelt -
in cushioned stable hay -
A scene on earth of virgin birth -
where one man came to pray.

A poor old man, all wrinkled tan,
was kneeling on the ground.
His hair was messed but he was blessed
as snow fell all around.

Some kids walked through, in contrast to -
his humble situation.
And then they felled the cane he held,
reckless recognition.

God woos each one who seek His Son -
but they paid no attention.
I heard them joke each time they spoke
within their own dimension.

He reached in vain to get his cane.
His countenance was grim -
then heard him say, "wife passed away."
as I gave it to him.

Through eyelids tight, they drew my sight -
I saw more tears come through.
It touched my heart, tore me apart -
so I knelt down there too.


Snowflakes falling, Jesus calling -
calling from above.
Can you live it?  Christmas spirit -
wooing all, in love...

©2012 louis gander - ALL RIGHTS RESERVED


Mark 2:14 (KJV)
Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, good will toward men.

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  1. Louie
    This poem is so romantic. It has so many things in it that I like about Christmas.


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