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February 14, 2012

Feel The Breeze? 2-14-12

See the waves?
Hear the seas?
Smell the shore?
Feel the breeze?

WAVES of sin; Virgin birth;
God so loved; Walked the earth.
Healed the sick; Raised the dead;
Calmed the storms; Thousands fed.

SEAS of hate; "Crucify!"
Bloody Cross, standing high.
In my place, Jesus died;
God in flesh; Crucified.

SHORE of death; Crossed alone;
Buried deep; Sealed in stone.
God's command; Christ arose.
Death is dead; Hell exposed.

BREEZE of God, graces dawn.
Spirit fills; sin is gone.
Feed His sheep; Break His bread;
Drink His wine; Spirit fed.

See the waves?
Hear the seas?
Smell the shore?
Feel the breeze...?

©2012 louis gander ALL RIGHTS RESERVED


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