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November 10, 2011

When Time Has Come 11-10-11

Our Father who art in Heaven, please hear this prayer,
and let each and every special child know that we all care.
There's often things they can't explain or that they even share,
but let these children know that You are always, always there.

And comfort them in knowing, that I am with them too -
to understand the problems that they all are going through.
And if, by chance, there's something more that You have willed to do,
then let Your special blessing rain in miracles right from You.

Your Word proves that You love the weak and very 'least of these',
so send - if it's Your will - just one more miracle here please.
We need Your love to comfort like a gentle summer breeze -
to take away their pain and cure this terrible disease.

You know the special care that we all are speaking of -
and know if You are willing there from Heaven up above -
will let us see Your healing as a blessed snow-white dove,
descending down from Heaven from our great big 'God of Love'.

Thank you for all blessings that You graciously have given.
We've ignored them not, nor will they ever be forgotten.
And we forgive our enemies - each one seventy times seven -
and Yours are ready for this journey, to a perfect land called Heaven.
In perfect peace, Amen.

©2011 louis gander ALL RIGHTS RESERVED


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