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February 20, 2011

To Heaven's Doors 2-20-11

What is music to the deaf?
What are rainbows to the blind?
What are shoes worn by the lame?
What mere words can so define...
a special Son,
sent to a cross,
in a world,
forever lost?

What are dollars to a horse?
What are needles without thread?
What are tears without our grief?
What are Bibles to the dead?
Our ears must hear.
Our eyes must see.
Beyond the graves
our faith must be.

His loving grace,
forever pours -
draws walking faith,
to Heaven's doors.
Words are pathways,
nothing more.
There's Someone we
must cry out for.

©2011 louis gander - ALL RIGHTS RESERVED



  1. Louis this is beautiful writing and the message is wonderful. There is someone to cry out for..Amen !

  2. Utmärkt information på din blogg, tack för att du tog dig tid att dela med oss. Fantastisk insikt du har på detta, det är trevligt att hitta en hemsida som beskriver så mycket information om olika artister. Kronfoster


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