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December 20, 2009

The Christmas Tree Story 12-20-09

If Jesus told a story
about a Christmas tree,
would Christmas lights be mentioned
in ways that we could see?

Would He describe the garland
or other fancy things -
like mistletoe and sparkles
and pretty angel wings?

Oh, would He mention ornaments
in colorful designs -
or explain the many colors -
and present wrapping's shine?

Or would He paint a picture
of something more oblique -
of something more descriptive -
of something more unique?

Would His tree not have needles, but
be rather ghostly grim?
Would His tree not have branches -
except two solid limbs?

Would ornaments be mentioned
or dropped from His details?
Would He, Himself replace them with
some hard and cruel nails?

Would thorns replace the angel -
that's perched way up on top?
Would love surround that very tree
in blood, from every drop?

Would He describe the lighting then,
that turned so very dark?
And would the mountains echo on -
with His final remark?

His tree was seen by many folk,
remembered their own way -
but it was very different and
it's priceless still today.

If Jesus told the story
about His Christmas tree -
would it have any impact
on folks like you and me?

©2009 louis gander - ALL RIGHTS RESERVED


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  1. VERY PROFOUND!!! And what a thought!! The true 'Christmas tree'.


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