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November 22, 2008

Armor's Yoke 11-22-08

(Ephesians 6)

the armor of God. (vs. 13)
and in gospel's PEACE
my feet are shod. (vs. 15)

will not transgress. (vs. 14)
Wearing my breastplate
of RIGHTEOUSNESS, (vs. 14)

From each crevasse
in the world, (vs. 16)
fly flaming arrows
at me - hurled. (vs. 16)

I'm not slack
and will not yield - (vs. 16)
but raise up high
my FAITH, my shield. (vs. 16)

And with the belt
of TRUTH I'm gird. (vs. 14)
I seize the sword
which is His WORD. (vs. 17)

Darkness, wickedness -
I'll not allow. (vs. 12)
I take now. (vs. 17)

If perseverance
stays alert, (vs. 18)
I'll Pray and fast,
and won't get hurt. (vs. 18)

When I believe
and do what's right,
His Yoke is easy,
His burden, light. (Matt. 11:30)

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